Meet Andi Valo-Espina

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Andrea Valo slaps legal suits on lawyers and makes house calls on doctors. And if there’s one thing this sophisticated designer won’t sit still for it’s a saggy suit or a baggy pair of pants.Andrea Custom Tailoring Photo Of Andrea Valo Espina

This one-woman enterprise is all about custom-tailored clothing from computer-generated patterns that are state of the art when it comes to comfort and fit.

If you take 40 men, all size 40 regular, line them up next to each other and you will quickly see how each varies in structure and body proportions.

With Andrea Custom Tailoring it’s the pattern that is tailor made to the man. Thirty Six individual and highly precise body measurements are taken before a thread of fabric is cut or one stitch is sewn into place. This means that there is a one-time measuring / fitting session after which an entire wardrobe, or one piece at a time can be ordered by phone for months or even years to come. This means less hassle when you need a garment or other piece of wardrobe for that special occasion or sudden invitation.

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